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A person namely Mushaf Ali Mir, who also have the nick name Mashoo opened his eyes in Lahore, he was one of nine children of a middle class family (Kashmiri) including five sisters Sanobar, Shameem, Suraiya, Nasreen and Tasneem and fourth brothers Dilband Ali Mir, Mustafa Ali Mir, Asif Ali Mir and himself, this legend family believe at the shia sect in the religion. He lived with his family in Mohalla Shia Kashmirian area inside Mochi Gate. His father, Farzand Ali Mir was calligrapher and died when Mushaf Ali Mir was young and school going children, he went Government Wattan Islamia high school which is located at Brandth Road

Mushaf Ali Mir joined as a commissioned in the Pakistan Air Force in 43rd GD (P) course on 22, Jan 1967. His friends believed that the Mushaf Ali Mir merged the Pakistan Air Force because he was inspired to his cousin the late Khawaja Yousaf who was (shaheed) martyred during the Indo-Pak war of 1965. He was the graduate of Flying Instructors School, and Combat Commanders School. He did his staff college course from Pakistan Air Force Staff College (now that is baptized PAF War College), and also from National Defence College, Islamabad. (now National Defence University). During his service his key command appointments were OC (Officer Commanding), CCS Mirage Squadron; OC, No.33 Wing at PAF Base Minhas, Base Commander, PAF Base Sargodha (now PAF Base Mushaf). and Air Officer Commanding, Southern Air Command and his staff appointments comprises Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Plans) in the AHQ, Chief of Green Project Flash (Mirage 2000-5), Project Director of Falcon (F-16), and Director Operations, his final assignment before promotion to CAS was Chairman of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Board at KAMRA. The exceptional landscapes of this person were a strong faith in hard slog, full of ideas, integrity and kindness. He always put others at ease with his simplicity, humility and sincerity of purpose. He was conscientiously honest, straightforward, with tremendous courage and boldness.

He was promoted by General Pervez Musharraf to become the 16th Chief of Air Staff on 20, Nov. 2000. ACM Mushaf Mir superseded five senior Air Marshals to become the (CAS) Chief of Air Staff. Those air marshals with their appointments are Qazi Javed Ahmed, DCAS (Personnel), Riazud din Shaikh, DCAS (Administration), Pervez Iqbal Mirza, AOC Southern Air Command, Zahid Anis, DCAS (Operations) and Muhammad Farooq, Vice Chief of Air Staff all were strive for premature retirement after his ACM.

On the morning of 20, Feb 2003, the Pakistani Air Chief died along with his wife Bilquis Mir and other fifteen senior officers and staff, when their Fokker F-27 crashed during a routine flight to PAF Base Kohat northwest of Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The incident was the first of its kind in the history of Pakistan Air Force. The official cause of crash was given to be pilot error among bad weather conditions. The casualties contained two Principal Staff Officers, AVM (Air Vice Marshal) Saleem Nawaz, DCAS (Administration) and AVM Abdul Razzaq, DCAS (Training) and all of Air Chief's personal staff officers including AC (Air Commodore) Rizwanullah Khan, PSO to CAS, AC Syed Javaid Sabir, Secretary to CAS, and Group Captain Aftab Cheema, APSO to CAS, Wing Commander Syed Tabassam Abbas, ADC to CAS. The casualties also included the pilots, Squadron Leader Ahmed Yousaf, Squadron Leader Mumtaz Kiani, and Squadron Leader Abdul Rab and the staff ST (Senior Technician) Ghazanfar Ali, ST Khan Muhammad, CT (Corporal Technician) Muhammad Ashraf, CT Khush Kadam Shah, CT Amjad Pervez and CT Fayyaz.

Gerald Posner is the investigative journalist and he claim that the death of Mushaf Ali Mir was not an accident but an act of interruption. He alleged in his book namely “WHY AMERICA SLEPT” and why they could not predict in enhance the 9/11, and also the Osama Bin Laden deal through his friend Abu Zubaydah with Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence through Mushaf Ali Mir in 1996 to get protection, arms and supplies for Al-Qaeda. Interestingly Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir was also reluctant to stipulate some air bases to America for the invasion at Afghanistan after 9/11 which comprise Jacobabad and Shaheen Air base of Sargodha e.t.c.      

Three protuberant member of Saudi Royal family died in mysterious circumstances, Prince Ahmed bin Salman, a nephew of the Saudi King, prominent businessmen and owner of the winning 2002 Kentucky Derby horse, was died to a heart attack at the age of 43. The very next day Prince Sultan bin Faisal, another nephew of King died while driving to Prince Ahmed’s funeral and a week later, Fahad bin Turki hypothetically died due to the thirst in the Arabian dessert. Seven months later the plane of Pakistani Air Force Chief Mushaf Ali Mir, crashed in the air.

Controversial Gerald Posner also indicates that all these confrontations linked to each other and the death of all these worth personalities are not unintentional, but have created due to the acknowledgments of captured Al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubayda in March, 2002 from Pakistan. The deaths transpired not long after the respective governments were told of Abu Zubayda revelations. Only one more personality whom named taken by Abu Zybayda remains alive and that was Saudi Intelligence Minister Prince Turki al Faisal, Poser also said about him that he is the J. Edger hoover of Saudi Arabia, which means too powerful and aware of too many secrets to be killed off. Prince Turki al Faisal was removed from Intelligence minister responsibility ten days before 9/11 and later sends him the Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom giving him diplomatic immunity from any criminal prosecution.         

BOI (Board of Inquiry) held by the Government of Pakistan (Musharraf regime) immediately, thereafter the plane crashed of Pakistani Air Force Chief Mushaf Ali Mir in the air, and the findings of the same BOI are still mysterious, why after almost eight years of this incident in which we lost the great personality with his colleagues and staff are still questionable who were behind this incident, what are the outcomes of BOI, who is responsible, who did this, why the fingers at the CIA and FBI, why not fingers at R&AW, It is an old tradition to put the blame at the pilot because he also no more alive with others, however during flight of any air craft pilot constantly remain in touch with the ATC (Air Traffic Control) room, who always have the strong influence at the assertions of the BOI of such a major disaster or might such incidents occurred due to the inclination and evade of internal people. It is also very horrible during the Military government, always the plane of the top most officials of military collided in the air.


  1. @Abdulaziz Khattak, thanks alot dear.

  2. We all know that Pakistan was created and still continues to stay on the map of the world due to the presence of a few good men. Definitely, the opponents of Pakistan who don't want its well-being and survival have these good men on their target lists. May God Let the soul of the courageous hero rest in peace. He lived like a Ghazi and died a martyr.Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'un.

  3. Mushif Ali Mir was certainly one of the best ACM this country has ever produced. I cannot believe that this was any accident. Anyone who knows about the precautionary measures taken before the flight of a high official and specially an ACM can know that this can't be an accident.

    I really hope any pray to Allah that the real reasons of this "accident" would expose in front of us.

  4. See chaudhry you are too young to raise this sort of issue's,going according to your words you have a good grip on words but,this is so sensitive issue,i hope next i will see something lively from you,keep working hard.

    1. Hey ANonymous No matter how nice wording do any 1 use.. the Truth can't hide.. Every1 know who is the KILLER of Mushif Ali Meer ... 'cause he didn't allow the MUSHARAF to use the Bases by America to attack Afghanistan..

      YEH this is the TRUTH. EVERY1 even the Armed Forces themselves say this and admit this Fact. So u must 2.. TC

  5. @Anonymous, Dear If we as a Pakistani will not raise such issue then who will ? thanks for reading and your kind words and encouragements , I shall try to my best in future whatever you are expecting to me at current issues too.